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Tonight at Noon


In 1971 I walked into a bookshop in St. Ann’s square Manchester and purchased a copy of Penguin Modern Poets 10. This book was my gateway to the poems of Adrian Henri and changed my way of thinking.

Having scratched the surface of the British blues boom I went on to discover a whole new world of music through Gil Scott-Heron, Miles Davis and Lightnin’ Hopkins. Somewhere between the introduction of decimal currency and seeing Led Zeppelin live in concert I managed to grasp a new wave of art and culture.

Fast forward to 2016 and see how those early inspirations have developed, nurtured and morphed into this album. If you take your blues with a fatalist twist of humour we have “Tonight at Noon”.

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“I’ve always wanted a pick up truck. Red. With a little bit of rust on the sides. I’ve always wanted to drive it around blasting blues music, thick with heartbreak and guitar riffs. Little did I know that the biggest part of my fantasy would come true much sooner than I expected. No, not the truck; the blues music: Ged Wilson’s Tonight at Noon. With a healthy dose of heartbreak and definitely ample guitar riffs, this album also sports skillful composition, endearing vocals, and thoughtful lyrics. And then there are the other instrumentalists of course, their ability to blend with each other while also rising to the occasion when given even the smallest solo. This isn’t your average blues music. It’s the truck driving, cowboy boots on the dash, windows open, musically intelligent kind.”


Reviewed by Alice Neiley
Rating: 5 stars out of 5.


Whats Going On

What’s Going On? is a collection of songs to reflect my moods, thoughts and reactions to the life and changing times I see around me viewed through my Northern rooted kaleidoscope.
A special thanks to Miles Davis, Gil Scott-Heron and Lightin’ Hopkins for being my inspiration in music. You have enabled me from above to create this work by touching my soul as I act for you as a Blues agent here on planet earth.



Ain’t That a Shame

“John Mayall opened the door and I walked into a world of Blues!” says Ged.
Influenced by the British Blues boom of the sixties Ged has traced the Blues back to its roots and brought it forward into the 21st Century.




Lovers Lost

If you like Retro 80’s music you will love this! Originally recorded in 1986 at the Twilight Sound Studio in Salford UK (alas no more) the “lost” tapes have been gathering dust in my loft until now. All the classic sounds of the eighties, DX7, Casio CZ101 and even a Sinclair Spec Drum I seem to recall.




Forever Now

A collection of self penned songs taken from everyday life experiences, Ged’s music is acoustic roots with a contemporary twist – often bluesy but always engaging.


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